Bangalore Kannada Slangs

Since lot of you are searching for this slang's on the blog, I am writing this article, I have borrowed slang's from website and posting it. You can also contribute to list in the comments column. Some may argue that Bengaluru Kannada slang's are degrading the language, Some also argue,these are new additions to the language, which show the language is alive, kicking and constantly evolving in the new world. Just like English language adds the new words, the Kannada Language should add the words to their list. Sometimes if we go out of Karnataka, that we find that these Bangalore Slang's and Kanglish have acquired the cult status, especially in south Indian towns. These slang's are used to show oneself, the person has been in Bengaluru. Let us see. Time only will tell.

Bangalore Kannada Slang is a vernacular dialect of  Kannada, spoken mainly by people residing in and around Karnataka, especially South-East Karnataka (Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya, etc.).

This dialect is primarily spoken by youth and in informal discourse between locals. This slang is quickly picked up by the outsiders who stay in Bangalore. The slang is also pure Kannada and is quite old, too.

Bangalore Kannada is spoken by the native people almost everywhere: at home, in educational institutions and other places. Bangalore and Mysore Kannada are the most commonly used in other mediums such as plays and movies.

Some words specific to Bangalore Kannada are:

    bombaat, sakkath - meaning awesome/cool
    bejaan - a lot
    kudumi - bookworm

These words can be slang or catchy words, and can also be combined into Kanglish [Kannada+English]. In fact, there is a whole list of Kanglish words and phrases.

For instance, "Just Maja Maadi" used as an alternative for "chill out" (a phrase popularized by one of the city's radio stations). "Enjoy Maadi" and "Swalpa Adjust Maadi" are other such popular Kanglish phrases. The word Maadi literally means do/ make.

Contribution from Kannada cinema
Upendra a popular star of urban blues has popularized Bangalore Kannada. His famous song from a movie named Upendra he has popularised the word oLu - meaning rubbish. The song says MTV subbulakshmige bari OLu - meaning for a doyen of Carnatic Shastreeya Sangitha like Subbulakshmi, MTV is rubbish. He is known to popularize the side effects of urbanization

Jaggesh has to his credit for inventing word Dagaar meaning a whore/prostitute for those who follow seductive and revealing outfits on city roads. One more innovation is Dow (from Dove rhymed with love) for referring a lover.

Sudeep introduced a word Kichcha in a superhit blockbuster movie Huchcha which means a person with lot of fire or Kichchu inside him. In fact Kicha is used to denote Lord Krishna which becomes Kichcha due to his fiercesome nature in this heart touching movie.

Anant Nag had introduced terms Roll Call in one of movies meaning one who makes fools of people from his talking skills.

Ambareesh had introduced a term Guldu Khan - to mean a stupid/brainwashed person - related to a foolish Muslim invader in his films.

Ravichandran and Kashinath have also contributed a lot of pun related dialogues and terms in their movies.

There is a whole list of vulgar slangs. Many of them could be derogatory or offensive in nature, though they all have a funny connotation. Hence, caution is advised while using them in public.

Bangalore Kannada slang words List

Aandu Paandu - The mundane or the common folks

Bhadko - Rogue [popularized by the TV serial Paapa Pandu]

Bond - Professional; expert (from James Bond)

Chaddi Dost - Bum Chum (meaning a childhood friend; perhaps denoting the time of friendship)

Dove - A girlfriend (perhaps a distortion of the English word love)

Edda Diddi/ Erra Birri - Rash/ Hapazard (Perhaps derived from vehicular noise)

Gamad/ Gampar/ Gubaal/ Guggu/ Gujjad - Foolish person/Villager/ or Illiterate (Hindi Derivation Gawar = Illiterate)

Jack Haku - To screw somebody (from carjacking - Haku is to put)

Juttu - Weakling

Maama - [Literally means maternal uncle/ father-in-law (mother's brother)] often used as derogatory term for incompetent police

Maga, Maam, Machi, Raaja - Son or Dude

Chindi : Too good

Bombat : Incredible

Sak'kat : Awesome

Blade : Got screwed (also see 'Kuiey' in chap 3)

Topi : Got cheated

Chatri:- No.1 fraud

Adjust : Anytime you are caught on the wrong foot use this word

Kirik : Mess

Magane : Anybody (Male) who does not keep in touch!!!

Lo : Anybody (Male) who keeps in touch always

busy : Busy !!!

Mucchu : It is a very potent word and should be used with caution.It is normally used in conjuntion with various body parts. Strictly to  be used with friends and definitely not with members of the opposite sex

Madam : Any girl who becomes a friend thus putting an end to any mischief you want to commit !!!

Chitranna : To be used with Chindi. It means had a gala time

Maj'A : Fun. To be used with Sakkat depending on the amount of
fun you had.

Bend Aethu: Screw, Ex:-Maneli appa,amma bend aeththaaramma !!

Jai Aagu: fully disappered.

Punta : Good in fundamentals, very able person. High IQ. Also used for teasing, like " 2 year ninda, India hogillva ? Panta kano neenu!"

Kudami :- Book worm !!.

Puntar Ke Gin : Gina of Puntas i.e. king of punters.

Tuppa : Very easy to grasp. Eg:"Question paper olle tuppa eddange ettu kano.. chindi chitranna maadaak butte!!"

Mileage : Scope u get by any different or special act in a friends group."Eno new hair dye-na ? Full Milageaaaah ?? "

Hodeskonda : Got screwed.

Biddaah! : Total flat for the outward shining of any object/subject.. like "dekhke dekhke gir gaya saaala" "Photo nodi Biddaah..... maduveyaagi..Biddaah!!"

Guru : Mix of Lo and magane.

Deevru : Person who is seen once in a while.

Sisyaaa! : Close friend in need of free advice. "Haangalla kano   sisya! Hing daarig baa! Nan maat kelade hodeskobyada"

Aenamma : Aenamma Chennagiddiya !!!

Solid : Great deal. "Java++nallidya ?? Solidale, Solid kanamma Panta kano neenu! Full mileage, full posh!!".

Baggu : Don't fool me, u better be. e.g: "100 rupai saalana ? buggtiyaa ? oythaa irallae magane! Naane elli bombdi hodita eddini! Doddadaagi band butta kisadkondu! "

Mindri:- Bastard.

Jagat Mindri:- International Bastard.

Othla/Thooku/Dumki: Total gone case. "Wipro na ? MG roadaa ? Full othlanaa ? " " Otla hodediddu jaasti  aaythu, enoo kelsa maadilla.

Launch/Kick::-  Next stage after high Boosing.

Dagaar/Half set/keepu : Famous in Jaggesh fan's circle!

Gaandu:- Impotent

Kirik : Problem, nuisance. " Heavy kirikkamma, hike kodu andre    baggu antaane namm managerru !"

Blade & Kori:  same as kuyyi.

Siva : same as guru. " En siva..daadi bittidiya ? Hendru oorallilva ? "

Magane : To be used with very close friend circle.Else u may loose your relationship and a few teeth too :-)."
Eno magane, pathene ella? Elli beli haaroke hogidde ?"" Mag-Ane!! Muchhu, adella Nannishtaaa !" " Sari, eaga nadi Magane, otla hodiyonaa"

Heat : Fully equipped with hormones. MEB. (Most Eligible Bachelor)
            "Namma huduga full heat-Ge bandavne. Enadru vyavaste maadbeku"

Piece : How "heat-Ge bandavru" look almost every female on Brigade."Sakhath piece-amma! Full biddog-bitte".

Pure : A deshi found in videsh.

Mom:-  Close friend  eg:-  Yen Mom full zooma.......( Kinglish)

Anna:- Must be used , when u 'r talking with Bigges.        ex:- Anna nanagu ovandu Chance!!(jaggesh)

Thirtha/Prasada:- Same as Yenne

Sight/Line/Dove:-  Other names for Loving.....

Hakki/Birds :-  Pretty girls

Nimmajji :- One Abuse !!

Ainaathi :- Videshi

Guldu\Pyaade :- Person who is very innocent.

Dharmada Aeetu :- Absoulutley Free of cost.

Maavana Mane :- Police Station.

Chamak : alias Minchu. show off ; derive 'scope' (see Mileage)

Tagadu : Opposite of Punta. A person of very low IQ. Dudhead, Dunce...

BaaNali:-  Baaldie

Turimane:- Dentally forward

Dabba :-  Same as  Tagadu

Maska : see Benne

Benne : Butter. Used to promote relationship. esp. political, organisational etc. Building goodwill in a viley way

Biscuit : Lancha.

Peerethi : Love. usu. superficial. Used to impress 'Piece'. inapprpropriate with 'Dagar'

Chamcha : A Person who uses lot of 'Maska' to promote his self interest. The villan in old kannada movies, nowadays potrayed as a statesman

Bathati/Fitting :- Pimping. ex:- Lecturerge namma mele Olle batti itta maga aa attender.

Yennai/Gundu : Liquor. Booze. Usu. followed by a 'Thalping'   session.  The in-thing to do in the pubs esp. by young people

Thalpu : Eat rather, Gobble. eg. "Thalp it all I say !" is   famous when you go to free Luncheon in a star hotel

Kuiey : A Boring session. "Meeting nalli blade haki sakkath   kuieydhru..."

Saaru : An informal greeting. opp. of Sir which is mark of   respect.  "Namaskara Saar ge"

Sustu : Tired or, when you are Dazed. "Aa piece nodithere neenu sustu aagbidtheya"

Burudae : Lie. also referred as 'Reel' or 'Rail' eg. "Nin      burudae keli keli sustu aaythu

Dani : Boss. "Promotion sigle antha namma Danige sakkath benne haktha idene"

Oollu : - Same as Burude( Upendra's contribution)

Tufree:- famous past time or hangout for Students who fag.

Hawa:-  Famous ,ex:- Maga awanu valle hawa Ittiddane.

Hattisu:- Flattering

Kivege Huvvu:- same Reel.

Mabbu:- Same as GulDu.

Damar:- The End.

Udis :- Gone case. Ex:- Bitti sikre ella Udis.

Guraiusu:-  Gazing with anger

Attakaiusu;-  Enter

Jamaiusu:-  Enjoy

Lagaiusu  :- same as 3

Udaiusu:-  Enjoy others Propertey.

Pattaisu:- Trap a girl

Bitti/Oosi(O'c) :-  Free

Mundaisu/Bolisu:-  Shave others Purses.

Shikshe       :-  Great punishment.

Bharatharatna :- person who is very honest.

Achchu\Batti :- To copy in exams.

Seize :-    Caughted Redhand.

Sinku:-  Escape ,Ex:- Poice baruva munche baa maga sink agi bidona

Kalakar:- Jack of all.

Uri   :- Jealousey(Stomach burning).

Aata   :-  Ex:- Yannamma tumba Aata aaduthithiya

L.K.B :-  Famous foul word .

T.P     :- Time Pass

T.T     :- Titte Tirisu( Uppi contribution).

D.T    ;- Means same as Enjoy

A.J.M:-  A'n Just Miss
           ex:- Maga ,distige 100 marks ninda  ajm aagihoyithu

J.K  : --???****

TMH:- Next stage after high Boosing.

P.P :-Pakkada mane Phone

Underworld Bhashe:

Adda    :- Hangout place.

Deal    :- Buisness

Sketch  :- plan for Supari Killings

Laang   ;- Famous weapon

Finish  :- End life

Hudugaru:- Chelas of Don.

Nin A'----n :- This should be used alternatively with very word.

Dichchi :-  Eg. Nanna Magane ondu dichchi kotre kannage  stars kaanisuthe

Ikku :- Bash or Beat.

Namma Area:-  Our propertey.

Mamulu  :-   Haftha.

Kaki    :-   Police



Umpirege decision.
Thirupahige Laddu.
Conductor ge ticket.
Sun ge torch
Samudrakke uppu.
Sollege malaria.
Kannu Tampu.
Paadada Xerox.
Chakkage Chappale.

Ekkaa Chikki - |
Bejaan.        |  --> Long Ranges
Ekkaa Makka.   |
Ragadu    |

Kaanji Pinji   |
Kuyya          | --> Short Ranges.

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